Jimmy Theis

DEC 19, 2012

The Missing NPR Podcasts

It's been a little while since I've posted, and hopefully it's been worth the wait, because I do have some sort of exciting news: I've finished a personal project! (It really doesn't happen that often.)

What's the project, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

The two most popular NPR programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered, don't have official podcasts on NPR's website. You can listen to the stories with their online player, and you can even get the content and audio of the stories through their API, but there just isn't a podcast for either one of them.

That's where this project comes in.

First, though, a note. The main reason there isn't a podcast for either program is because NPR makes a lot of its money from licensing Morning Edition and All Things Considered to member stations, who in turn pay based on how many listeners the programs get.

This means that if you use this website (or listen only on NPR's site, or consume the API on some other device yourself), and don't listen to your local member station, you are essentially taking away their business. Please don't do that. I made this project because I really like NPR and I want others to be able to enjoy it too and see it be successful. If you truly are an online-only listener, or if you depend on NPR for your daily news, please remember to donate to your local member station.

Alright, back to the project.

It seems simple now compared to all the introduction and caveats above, but I suppose it is pretty simple: I made a website that allows you to subscribe to a Morning Edition or All Things Considered podcast. If you're interested, check it out (you'll find more complete instructions on the actual site):


Let me know if you have any questions or problems using the site, and happy listening!